I am a South African born Kiwi and I live in beautiful Napier, New Zealand's Art Deco Capital.  

I spend my days at home with James (4) and Emma (1).  

The four year old is a lot of everything.  Confident, bold, loud, literal, sensitive, caring, clumsy, kind, dependent.  He loves people and his own company. He'll love you a lot if you own toys that have wheels.  He makes a lot of mess but loves to help. He thinks a lot and asks a lot of questions.  These days, he's asking really big questions, like "What's called God?" and "Where is Heaven?" followed by "which cloud is heaven on?...what's that cloud called?".  I tell him daily that I love him, and I hope that when he grows up he will be good at what he chooses to be (currently a digger driver), that he has the same work ethic and loyalty as his dad and that he is a wonderful dad to his children.

My little baby girl-child is one.  She loves to hug, kiss, eat, is BESOTTED with her dad and is fiercely independent.  She is feisty, determined, stroppy, gorgeous, cuddly, quite delicious and I hope for her that one day she is loved and cherished tremendously as a mother and wife, that she prays hard and works hard on whatever path she chooses. 
These two and their father complete my life and make me extremely happy.  

When I have 5 minutes peace, I love sewing and crafting.  

This year, 2012, I am going to: 
sew or make every gift I give, 
craft more, faff less
read the Bible from the very Beginning to the very End, 
eat less, exercise more, (okay, stop laughing, Echo Beta)
talk less, listen more (I'll try)