Butterick b5176

I'm sewing a bridesmaid's dress for a friend.  
This has involved blood, sweat and tears, I tell you.
Tonight she came for a fitting and..................it FITS!! (this is a big deal because last week, it didn't fit; the raw edges on the left where the zipper goes in, just met).  This is the trial run, now I have to start on the real one.  This one needs a zip in the left seam (see the bits of thread?) and it needs to be hemmed.  The sleeves also need to be joined properly and then the bodice should hang and sit much better.  And Ben needs to mow the lawn.


Raewyn said...

Seriously woman, where do you find the time for such loveliness??

kim said...

Weekends and nights! Poor house gets neglected and Ben is great support on the weekends - if I'm sitting in front of the sewing machine he just knows to not expect anything from me, and to provide lost of cups of tea!

Raewyn said...

Lucky girl!!