This morning three extras arrived at my door.  So I bundled them off to Te Mata Peak with 4 banana boxes.

 we ate

and ski'd 

and pulled faces.

James was so desperate to find a way of enjoying it without actually doing it.


Raewyn said...

LOVE your pics Kim. Looks like they had a great time. Just googled the place, it looks so lovely. Am desperate to take Coerie to NZ for a holiday. I think I'd move there if I had half the chance. xoxox

kim said...

Thanks Red! I love it too, I call it The Top Of The World. It's a very steep drive up a peak, its so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hello lovely! Tammy gave me your web address. I am so excited for you starting your new blog. Lovely to see pics of James and Emma too :) much love to you all, Nicki nd co xoxox

Aletta said...

I just love it!!!! Wish I was there too!

kim said...

Oh there we go!!

Aletta said...

Yes , now for the picture!