Beautiful Butterflies GIVEAWAY

“What the caterpillar called the end of the world, the Master calls the BUTTERFLY (Richard Bach)”

Butterfly 3d Cupcake Toppers - "Stella" Set3D Butterfly Gift Cards "Elegance" Set3D Butterfly Wall Decor "Mocha" Set3D Butterfly Wall Decor "Elegance" Set

These beautiful butterfly creations are made by my friend, Chantal.  Chantal has an online shop on Felt, New Zealand's handmade shop.  Chantal's butterflies literally fly out of her shop! She has had her shop for four months and has sold just under 150 sets of butterflies! Chantal has a very faithful love for God and I believe that He has blessed her in abundance with her business.  She initially started her butterflies as a means to an end, one great thing to achieve another great thing.  One day, when she has achieved her next great thing, I will tell you about it.  As a mother of little ones, I cannot wait for her to be finished, as she will be able to help us along our way on this parenting journey.

3d Butterfly Wall Decor "GoldenRed" Set3d Butterfly Wall Decor "GoldenRed" Set3d Butterfly Wall Decor "GoldenRed" Set3d Butterfly Wall Decor "GoldenRed" Set

Chantal has kindly offered to give away one of her beautiful sets of butterflies.  

To enter the giveaway, please do the following:
  • visit Chantal's shop and choose your loveliest set.  
  • If you have a social networking page, please 'like' or 'tweet' her page.
  • leave a comment telling me what set you would like to receive.
I will then use an online number generator to choose the winner and I will get contact details from you.

3D Butterfly Wall Decor "Stella" Set3D Butterfly Wall Decor "Stella" Set3D Butterfly Wall Decor "Stella" Set3D Butterfly Wall Decor "Stella" Set

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AMummys Life said...

I'm loving these ones - http://felt.co.nz/listing/83220/3d-Butterflies---STARTER-PACK-Sally-Set

They would go so nicely in DD's bedroom!

Raewyn said...

Lovely shop Chantal! I LOVE these butterflies. http://felt.co.nz/listing/78047/3D-Butterfly-Wall-Decor-PinkIcing-Set . There's so much you can do with them. I think I would turn them into a mobile for my bub, unless my 6 year old decides that she just HAS to have them in HER room. :)

Anonymous said...

I cant choose, they are all lovely. these ones maybe? http://felt.co.nz/listing/73357/3D-Butterfly-Wall-Decor-Karen-Set


Anonymous said...

I love them all , especially this one - http://felt.co.nz/listing/78048/3D-Butterfly-Wall-Decor-Elegance-Set ,


Anonymous said...

The 'golden red' set are my favorites :)
Love Nicki xo

Anonymous said...

I lOvE these: http://felt.co.nz/listing/78487/3d-Butterflies-GIFTSTARTER-SET
gReAt blog, and bEaUtIfUl butterflies, Chantal!


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

These butterflies are lovely!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm looking forward to catching up on some of your old posts. : )

~ Wendy