Bike bags

Every now and then we walk down to the dairy where the kids get $1 each to buy lollies.  James rides his bike so there's a logistical issue on the way home.   I end up holding the small bag of lollies, which is not ideal because they're his lollies, not mine (my very literal boy).  So last night I made him a bike pouch.  While I was sewing it up, I was wondering how he would respond.  One thing I knew for ABSOLUTE CERTAIN, was that he was not going to jump up and down and say "THANKS MUM" with a hug.  No, this boy of mine truly believes that it's his God-Given-Right to receive things that I've made for him.  Regularly.  But I do know that he loves it.  He'll just show it differently.
When he woke up, I showed it to him....

He looked at it, smiled and said "A bag for my lollies, let's make another one for my balance bike".

So he chose the fabric and disappeared.  

It's a no-kindy day today, so I think we'll walk to the dairy to test them out.  These bike buckets/bags had to be whipped up very quickly but check out this tutorial for a great bike bucket.

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Raewyn said...

Love the bags Kimmy. I like the one on the balance bike. Did you do that print on it? Kaylin has been begging for a homemade basket type for her bike. Really need to get into things again. Oh, I've come up with a business name... I think! What do you think of... Carefree Creative? R xoxox