Lego Inspiration

I have this amazing book by Lena Corwin who blogs here.  She's got me loving hand-printed fabric.

So while my son and his friend were playing with lego this morning, and my one-year-old was emptying half a loaf of sliced bread on the kitchen floor, I was very thankful to the bread for keeping her busy while I tried something out.

I painted a lego base-board with fabric paint.

Covered it with fabric and rolled it.  

Flipped it over and, VOILA!

Full of the imperfections and rusticity of something produced by hand, I LOVE the outcome.
Next, I'll be doing these with bright primary colours, so it looks more like lego, maybe get out all the smaller boards and piece them together into a quilt for my four year old's bed.  The dots might get a bit much though, maybe a cushion.  I read Vanessa from V&Co's latest post on her dotty heart bag.
Think my girl-child needs one of those, for sure.

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Anna said...

that's so cool!