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Once a month, I'm going to invite a friend to appear on my blog and there will be a handmade giveaway.  My first guest is going to be Chantal, who has a shop on Felt.  Watch this space, she'll be here soon.  In the meantime, browse her shop, 'like' it or 'tweet' it, and choose which set is your loveliest.  To enter the giveaway you'll need to name the set of butterflies you would like to receive.  

Visit Chantal's shop

There are several handmade shops on the blogosphere and I am sure that most of the sellers will send internationally. 

Some handmade online shops are

Etsy America
Made It Australia
Khayali South Africa
Felt New Zeland
Not On The High Street United Kingdom


Raewyn said...

Lovely shop Chantal! I LOVE these butterflies. http://felt.co.nz/listing/78047/3D-Butterfly-Wall-Decor-PinkIcing-Set . There's so much you can do with them. I had bought butterflies a few months ago so I could make a little paper mobile for my girls, but I didn't realise they were so teeny tiny when until they arrived. We ended up using them to decorate Kaylin's birthday invitations, which turned out great!!

Raewyn said...

Oh, and by the way... such a good idea having guests on your blog!! Very exciting!

kim said...

Thanks Red! Please don't forget to 'like' Chantal's shop, so that it gets some coverage in Toowoomba!

Raewyn said...

I'm a dummy. Was looking on fb but couldn't find her. Then went back to her shop and there was a "like" button. Fancy that!

Raewyn said...

Does Chantal have an fb page for her biz?