I-Spy bag and a Tractor T

Last night I whipped up an I-Spy bag for Emma.

It was quite a quick project.  I didnt follow a tutorial but a quick search has come up with a great tutorial on Skip To My Lou.  She has a beautiful blog and a facebook page.  If you 'like' her page, you can then download a beautiful printable calendar for 2012

The kindy-boy's tees are getting a bit grubby, so we did some stamping to hide the stains spruce them up.  I so often have to let go of wanting to do it myself so that it's just right, because often they arrive just as the project starts.  

His corner:  

My corner:

We adults always want it to line up, don't we?  I'm so pleased that I've hung this up to dry and not quietly slipped it into the bin as a project 'that didn't really work out'.  He will end up LOVING this t-shirt.  That's what counts.

Using a piece of felted wool works well as a stamp pad.  It works better than having the ink on a hard surface.


Raewyn said...

Kimmy, you're such a busy body.I'm sitting here feeling rather frazzled from lack of sleep and need to sew up a chair bag for somebody, by this afternoon. Been meaning to make a spy bag for Kirsten. Love the stamping on the T. One of the school moms is coming over to my place at the end of the month to do a stamping workshop and other scrapbooky type ideas. She said she'll do it all with fabric. I'm not into proper scrapbooking, but thought I could do a few gift tags etc. using paper and fabric and stamps. Can't wait!! Have a super week!!xoxox

Anonymous said...

Once again well done. You have so much energy after sewing all morning too.

Colleen Skinner said...

Kim that is genius - I want to do that on my stuff! Do you just use fabric paint?

Jesse said...

Love the printed tee! It's great that he got to help!

kim said...

Colleen, yes, at the moment I am using http://www.fasart.com/fastex.htm.

Tanja Kent said...

Love your spy bag and T-shirt Idea!!