Ben is flying off to Samoa for a month and I am going to do very little housework and lots of sewing.   

This is his list for the trip. I love how straightforward he keeps things.  

I've never had my house, the remote control and my children all to myself for a whole month.  He'll have to leave a list of all the things he does around here (it's quite a lot).  How do you refuel our lawnmower? How do you categorise the recycling?  

I am quite excited about turning some of my fabric into skirts so I can open my Felt shop.  I'll finish off this pink tutu for my pink partner there at the back.  She loves checking if that cord is in (and out).


Anonymous said...

wow sounds cool Kim - give our love to Benny and the kids, love Nicki & Co xo

Justinacha said...

Nice pictures..