A very exciting weekend

Thanks to the weather, we had friends visit us for the weekend.  Debs and Jason were passing through but decided to stay in Napier due to a very severe weather warning. Debs is an AMAZING WOMAN.  She is so entrepreneurial and inspirational, clever, a risk-taker, a do-er, a go-getter, and many many other wonderful things.  She and I had SUCH fun around the dining room table eating sewing, making patterns, brain-storming, racing off to buy fabric, cutting, pinning, creating, chatting, eating, laughing, sewing, eating, planning.  We were in our element, the men watched sport and the kids were around.  

So Debs is the creator and seller of these portable high chairs, that come in completely fresh, whimsical and funky prints.  She's the type of woman that would probably wonder why everyone doesn't design and make something great to sell on the handmade market.  It comes so naturally to her and at this morning's market I got training from the best.

So all the brain-storming, planning, cutting, pinning, sewing and eating was the purpose of designing a skirt that I am going to sew and sell.  

This is the beautiful Deb modelling the first skirt and I am currently wearing the second skirt.  It took less than an hour to sew up.  Now to find some time to whip these babies up...


Anonymous said...

lol green with envy wish I was there being arty too. And wish I could get away with wearing one of those skirts too.

Dianna xox

Anonymous said...

Ahh sounds like a great time! You too are an amazing woman Kim! Where will you be selling your skirts? They look lovely.
Zoe x

kim said...

Zoe!! I don't know yet! I might start off on www.felt.co.nz and then look into doing markets! Thanks for the kind words. We are still waiting for your visit with your crazy sisters and bring your mum too. And your dad! Bring everyone!

Heidi Hawyes said...

oh my word Kim, these are gorgeous! I ADORE that print on the fabric too! Looking at all your posts thou, you have VERY good taste in fabric! xxx